How to Expand Your Music Career with Social Marketing

Guys, this is probably one of my most, or the most, important articles I have to date. Any artist can make SICK music, and by sick I mean top of the line music! The question is what can you do to get yourself heard?! I’m about to go through several ways you can make that happen, all by yourself!

Music Promotion

Music promotion refers to merchandising, publicizing or advertising live music events like concerts, raves, festivals and even night clubs with the aim of marketing the music. It also refers to online promotion of your music to audiences who would like your style.

Like I stated before, you can have the best music in the world, but if no one ever hears it, you won’t get anywhere! However, if you make connections and learn different ways to promote yourself in person and online, your music will become known all over the globe.

Some effective music promotion tips:

  • Always ready – Be ready to share your music. For this, you must have the best production of your songs readily available to distribute to the world. is a great website providing music feedback services where you get feedback from real fans after a few days of sharing. Once you get a report, it will give you valuable insight to your strongest tracks from fans. It’s also being used to find new music for the major labels in the industry.
  • Target audience – You need to understand your audience for your music. This is important because you do not want to be sending your hip hop songs out to people who are die hard rock fans, it just WON’T work. You will get bad reviews, no fans, and feel like a loser with your best songs.
  • Social promotion – You probably know this already, but just to re-iterate. Online sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can post links for your music videos, photos and information about your music. This enables you to get engaged with your friends and fans who can help you promote your music.
  • Personal promotion– Create good relationships with people who have been in the music industry and with fans. Of course, that’s not as easy as it sounds, but it definitely works. Press kits which contain brochures, fact sheets, song demos, contact information promotional photos and biography should be available. You can also find yourself a manager (someone to advise you in every aspect of your career) to help make connections as well.

Marketing Music

Music marketing can be done through publicizing yourself and knowing how to stand out, discovering options existing in advertising, understanding changes that occur in music retail distribution, merchandising your market plans by finding out what and when to optimize revenue stream, developing a good fan base, and using internet in various ways to promote your music.

Marketing music strategies:

  • Start a google adwords account and set up a ‘pay-per-click’ campaign. You can have it optimized to where you pay for each click to your website (If you have one) and videos regardless of the geographical region it comes from. You also need to do some keyword research using the google keyword research tools available to ensure you target the correct audience. If you make hip hop music, you want keywords such as, “hip hop music”, new hip hop music, best hip hop music, new rap music, best rap songs, indie rap, indie hip hop, etc”. Those ads will target specific audiences of people who search for those words in a google search.
  • Design a website specifically for your group, artist name, etc. Include all your photos, videos, etc that your fans would enjoy. If you already have a fanbase such as on youtube, facebook, etc you can ask them to go to your official website to check you out. If you don’t have a website or are too lazy to make one, you can set up campaigns on websites like soundcloud and soundclick to gain more exposure. Soundclick offers a vast majority of promotional content for the artist.
  • I recently touched on this topic, but just to re-iterate. Create profiles on various social media sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and always include or add your most recent and best songs for people to like and share.
  • Hold contests! Provide incentives for special fans for example who might answer a question asked by the musician on his/her blog or social network. Popularity grows gradually when contests are held with the winning fans getting an opportunity to hang out with the band for a day or special clothing from the band to them.

Band Promotion/Group Promotion

Band refers to a group of musicians who are joined together with the aim of producing a certain type of music. A good music band without promotion is as good as dead. This can also be a rap group or hip hop group who want to be seen and heard!

The following ways are effective ways when it comes to promoting a band:

  • Promo kits – these are kits which contain a clear picture of the entire band, cover page for introduction purposes, biography of the band members, a business card containing contact information and recommendation letters from fans. This is HIGHLY recommended for any serious group or band to have.
  • Stickers – Stickers promote bands by increasing their fan base. Always include contact information and web addresses and pass them for free wherever and whenever you have a show. People love free stuff!
  • Banners, Flyers and Posters – Nothing describes your band or group like a huge beautiful banner. You can have it on stage during performances for additional advertisements. Make eye-catching, colorful flyers and posters and hand them out to your fans in the aim of promoting your next shows and website as well.

Online/ Social promotion Sites for Your Music

Other great websites for online music promotions. They include:

  • Spotify – is a desktop and mobile app with libraries having recorded artists and amazing Discover tools to provide good listening experience.
  • Reddit – Music allows content sharing and thus lets musicians to genuinely feel the perception of their music by audiences.
  • Last FM – is a smart radio that knows how to match tunes to the suitable audience thus the targeted audience is reached.
  • Earbits – is a platform with high quality music streaming at the moment. It has a system that lets users share music they hear. It is not very crowded and this gives opportunity to your music or tunes to stand out.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this. I hope it provided you valuable information or atleast has you thinking about the different and many opportunities there are to promoting your music. If you have any questions, always feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will reply to you within 24 hours! Please share this article is you found it helpful, thank you!