Hip HoP Production Tips : What Makes a Great Rap/Hip Hop Beat?

What makes a great rap beat?
Music has become the blood that runs through our veins, it keeps us involved, invigorated, inspired, excited, refreshed and in tuned with our creative spirits. But the music genre that has influenced our thinking, lifestyle, clothes, accessories, language, expressions and attitude towards life and its various dimensions that most; is not other than the rap and hip hop music.

Rap music is complex and very fast with lots of lyrical grandiose and undoubtedly, their beats induce energetic current in our body every time we listen to the great beats. The young generation is head over heal when it comes to the heady mix of intricate lyrics, intense beat and absolutely addictive style of singing.

From mobile ringtones to the DJ parties, rap and hip hop has swayed our celebrations, conversations, comments and other aspects of life. We are of course thankful to it to provide that extra ‘zing’ to our otherwise monotonous lives!

The sheer power and magnetic appeal of this music form is evident in the overwhelming fan following beyond the international boundaries. The global appeal of rap music is undeniably immense due to its connection with the ground realities, emotions, reactions and direct approach. It gives us solace from the pretentious aspects of our life and unleashes the ‘raw’ core which is welcomed by all and sundry.

However, many musically driven people are actively seeking the effective ways in order to know how to make beats of rap and hip hop. Let the truth be told, it is not that easy to form new music for both hip-hop and rap. It requires lot of expertise, experience and best equipment to make, control and improve these beats.

Best way for making and improving your own self-invented rap beat and hip-hop beat is to use various equipment and machines like headphones, recorder, music controller, EDM music software which are useful to control and mix music on computer, digital equalizer, etc.

For making any hip hop beat, complete control and possessions of each and every music-node is must and to fulfill this purpose there are graphic-equalizer that you can use for controlling nodes of music and editing according to your requirement.

These tools are very easy to operate and even rookies can use these tools, quite efficaciously. With the right support you can also embark your journey towards the magically induced music, confidently!

For professionals there are refined and world class equipment that are specifically designed and used by music production companies for recording and composition of rap and hip-hop music; but, there are some similar and some distinctive tools that are employed in making glorious beats of both the types.

Following are the parameters that make sure great and high quality rap beats:

1. Computer recording of music

 One of the most common tools that are used for recording of music is obviously the computer that ensures that you are creating best rap beats. It is widely used because you can see digital prints (graphics) of voice and music on computer screen. Therefore, operations like editing and seeking right tone and nodes of voice and music becomes easy and effectual. It requires software for working with computer as well as many audio interfaces that enables computer to perform tasks.

MIDI controller and interfaces make platform for computer to improve upon rap instrumentals or hip hop instrumentals through operations such as editing, refining of music etc.

2. Mixers

This tool is used for beat making, editing and for combining other music tones with the original one. You can cut any tone and mix it with your original invention but it depends on your mixture whether you are well-versed in managing all the types of tones or not. These tools come with two options: powered and unpowered depending upon your needs and available power supplies at your working place.

3. Headphones

These are used for listening lyrics and understanding music clearly and accurately. Professional musicians make use of these to improve their vocal, music quality and to interact with singer at the time of recording.

You can opt for traditional or newly invented in-ear headphone that comes with wireless option. Check out my blog on the top studio headphones here.

4. Microphones: There is now the availability of the dynamic, wireless and highly sophisticated microphones that enhances the music creation process and the final result as well. Click here for the best recording microphones. If you have a mic already, check this out for tips on professionally recording vocals at home.

5. Recorders

The sheer refinement in the recording instruments has given new leash to the musicians with its digital, portable, versatile features. It is the new favorite of the rappers across the globe.

6. Speakers

Speakers are used at the time of performance to boost audibility to people. The work is not complete till the audience do not feel, respond and pulsate with the music. The speakers certainly elevate the experience of listening and relishing the beats of their favorite rapper. Indubitably, they are indispensable in showcasing the soul shaking beats of rap and hip hop.

7. Monitors

Monitors are used to have vigilant eye over any problem regarding music nodes and vocals. This is very important tool because most problems related to music is removed with its help. Studio monitors are capable of recognizing any minor problem in music and you can replace that in editing process for flawless hip-hop and rap music. Click here for the top studio monitors!

8. Bags and cases, stands: In order to protect your costly equipment you need proper casings and bags that should give extra protection for your valuable tools and equipment. These bags and cases make carrying instruments from one place to another easy. You can seek inspiration wherever you want if you sensibly keep your instruments safe and well functioning.

All in all, the best beat maker is the one who has the creativity, passion and commitment towards this highly gratifying and exhilarating arena of music. The impeccability he/she shows in using the right instrument and blending it with the inspired tones to create awesome beat will determine its subsequent popularity and reception by the audiences. It is indeed a challenging sphere where each day you have to work indicatively and ceaselessly. So make sure you have access to apt support system to create your dream beats.